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Top 9 Caves in Halong Bay Worth Visiting 2021


As one of the Seven Wonders, Halong Bay has been long famous for its distinctive geology, high aesthetics, and lasting archeology value. The bay itself has existed for millions of years, from primitive time, and undergone thousands of natural changes, thus contains many archaeological traces of Earth’s formation and development history. One of those is the presence of more than 59 magnificent caves, which are gifted by Mother Nature; hence stunning sceneries and long-standing values. Every year, thousands of tourists from all around the globe come to see them.

Top caves in Halong bay worth visiting

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Whyshouldyou visit Caves in Halong Bay?

  • Extraordinary beauty

Each of the caves in Halong Bay features a unique beauty that could never be found elsewhere. However, all of them have one thing in common that every tourist coming here admires. It is magnificent and tranquillity. Once visiting the grotto system in the World Heritage, you will have a chance to immerse yourself in the calm atmosphere created by large space, strange-shaped karst cliffs. Therefore, you can find peace of soul which seems hard to find in stressful urban life. Besides, the caves themselves possess spectacular sceneries perfect to check-in and take some photos for your travel collection. For those who want their trip to be more about relaxing and admiring the scene to get away from your daily life, visiting a Halong cave could be the right choice.

  • Long-lasting archaeology

Having existed here for thousands of years, the grotto system features everlasting precious archaeology values, captivating to learn. These have made a lot of archaeological experts come each year to study and to do some researches. To those who do not specialize in archaeology, getting to know about the values could be a thrilling experience, brings them another point of view of the World Heritage besides its stunning beauty.

Apart from the stunning beauty and long-standing archaeology values, Halong Bay caves provide tourists visiting here with an engaging experience on the way to them. As it is quite hard to reach the caves by normal vehicles, tourists have to go kayaking or row small bamboo boats to enjoy the scenery inside.

Those are the reason why you should visit the caves during your trip to the bay. If you are interested in the idea, why not packing your luggage and joining the enchanting adventure through World Heritage?

Caves in Halong Bay

Inside a Halong Bay cave – the unspoiled paradise

Top 9 Halong Bay caves worth visiting 2021

As previously mentioned, there are more than 59 caverns, which will take you a lifetime to visit all of them. Yet, don’t worry, since the top 9 most recommended will be presented to you. Maybe, from those, you could choose one that perfectly fits the bill for the best experience in the bay.

1. Sung Sot (Surprise) Cave

Sung Sot Cave Halong

The surprising scenery of Sung Sot Cave

Located in the World Heritage’s core, Sung Sot is among the most magnificent grotto to be found. From your place, you can take a cruise or boat to reach Bo Hon Island, on which lies Sung Sot. After that, walk about 10 minutes through the path covered with the evergreen plants, and Sung Sot will gradually manifest itself in your eyesight. Get inside; as its name suggests, you would be surprised by the stunning beauty and uniqueness.

It features a huge space inside and is full of strange-shaped karst cliffs created by nature for thousands of years, hanging themselves upwards, thus give the tourists an impression of a hundred chandeliers above their heads. In a moment, you might imagine being lost in the fairy tales, as the scene here is breathtakingly beautiful. Also, from the top of Sung Sot, you could get a panoramic view of the bay, which is equally stunning and magnificent.

Entrance fees: US $2.16 per person

To explore this cave, you can join a 1-night cruise program with President Cruise, Glory Legend Cruise, or Pelican Cruise.

2. Thien Cung Cave

Thien Cung Cave Halong

Thien Cung Cave, with its breathtaking view

Earning 2nd place in the top 9 is the beautiful Thien Cung, which lies on Dau Go Island. Like the former, Thien Cung also possesses a complicated karst structure with towering height and long-standing unique stalactite cliffs. The cavern has been for ages linked to the famous legend.

The honorable Dragon King, who brought peace and prosperity to the country, was told to have lived there thousands of years ago. He was praised not by the people but also the animals. As a result, the fact that there are both human-like and animal-like cliffs inside Thien Cung could be explained.

Today, fully equipped with a colorful light system, Thien Cung Cave seems to be far more stunning than it used to. Once getting here, you could find yourself the peace of soul plus perfect check-in corners.

Entrance fees: US $ 2.16 per person

Cruises that visit: located on a day cruise itinerary, so you only can see when you book a day cruise.

3. Dau Go Cave

Dau Go Cave Halong

Dau Go – most beautiful caves in Halong Bay

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Dau Go is also among the top 9 most beautiful caves in Ha Long Bay. Itt attracts tourists by its magnificent beauty inside with a large space full of light and various stalagmite cliffs. Besides, a feature that makes Dau Go Cave a stunning place is its aboriginal scenery giving us a feeling of being back to the past when primitive nature took place.

Dau Go is quite near Thien Cung. Like its neighbor, the cavern has been linked to a legend about King Tran Hung Dao’s defeating Nguyen invader with hundreds of wooden spiles, hence its name.

Entrance fees: US $2.16 per person

Cruises that visit: only can see when booking a day cruise like phoenix day cruise, Halong Sen

4. Luon Cave

Luon Cave Halong

Kayaking into the unique Luon Cave

Lying 14km to the South of the World Heritage area, Luon Cave is the most unique in Halong Bay. The grotto itself is open with a small entrance (only 3 meters wide and 2.5 – 4 meters high). Therefore, you can only admire the stunning scenery of it while kayaking or rowing a bamboo boat.

Luon Cave was, at first, a huge limestone rock that has undergone erosion for thousands of years, thus features small gaps in the bottom, creates uniqueness. Getting here, you would find the amazingly tranquil and perfect for relaxing. Besides, you could also immerse yourself in the fresh air, cold wind and take some pictures of the monkeys climbing on the rock above energetically.

Entrance fees:US $ 1.29 per person

Cruises that visit: Aphrodite Cruise, Aclass Legend

5. Thien Canh Son Cave

Thien Canh Son Cave Halong

Inside Thien Canh Son Cave

The grotto of Thien Canh Son is the 5th to be worth visiting in 2021. The grotto belongs to a brother of Halong Bay, Bai Tu Long Bay. While Halong Bay is a tourism center that is well-known to the world, Bai Tu Long Bay is a lesser-known and more deserted but equally stunning one. Therefore, Thien Canh Son is more pristine and untouched than others, allows tourists to immerse themselves in a peaceful atmosphere while getting away from the bustling urban life.

The grotto also attracts people by its collection of stalagmites that resemble many floras and faunas like a baby elephant, a lotus flower, which can give tourists a vivid imagination of nature.

Entrance fees: US $ 2.16 per person

Cruises that visit: Dragon Pearl Junk, Swan Cruise

6. Dark & Bright Cave

Dark & Light Cave Halong Bay

Rowing a small boat into Dark & Bright Cave

Dark & Bright Cave is among the most unique in the bay. The system itself is a sophisticated limestone structure that contains two parts: Dark and Bright. Generally, Dark Cave is huge and, as its name suggests, dark and often hard to get in, while Bright Cave is a small but easily accessed one that has the Sunshine from the entrance to the end.

To explore its stunning beauty, you will have to go by kayak on your own or sit on a small bamboo boat rowed by the locals. Once arriving at the two, you would find the place extraordinarily quiet and breathtakingly beautiful.

Entrance fees (kayak included):US $ 2.16 per person

Cruises that visit: Mon Cheri Cruise, Peony Cruise, Sena Cruise

7. Tien Ong Cave

Tien Ong Cave Halong

Tien Ong Cave

Ranking the 7th in the top 9 worth visiting, Tien Ong is famous for its breathtaking scenery. With an area of about 1000 m2, the cavern features a huge space inside. Also, Tien Ong is divided into two chambers by a tall rustic tall pillar. Both chambers feature many strange-shaped limestone cliffs such as animal-shaped, man-shaped, etc., give the tourist a sense of interest.

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Besides, the primitive charm created by layers of emerald green moss would be the one that makes Tien Ong a must-see in the bay.

Entrance fees: US $ 1.29 per person

Cruises that visit: Violet Cruise, Jasmine Cruise

8. Trung Trang Cave

Trung Trang Cave - Halong Bay Cave

Trung Trang Cave

Located in Trung Trang Valley and about 15km to the Northwest of Cat Ba Town, Trung Trang is one of the most recommended Halong Bay Cave. They are locally known as “gold measure” with a variety of unique things. Those include hundreds of animal-like or man-like shaped stalagmites that give visitors a fertile imagination and remind us of the amazing nature. Here, you can find various ideal corners to take some photos for your travel collection and learn about its archeology, which will bring you another point of view of nature.

Entrance fees: US $ 3.45 per person

Cruises that visit: Orchid Cruise, Azalea Cruise

9. Hospital Cave (Quan Y Cave)

Hospital Cave - Caves in Halong Bay worth visiting 2020

Hospital Cave

Not only a stunning Halong Cave, but Hospital Cave is also a historic place, as it used to be a makeshift hospital during the war. Therefore, once you come here, you would have a chance to enjoy the scenery and explore many lasting historical values. With an area of about 2000m2, It is divided into 3 floors, including 17 rooms. In the past, it was an ideal base for the army to discuss the strategy to fight against the enemy, so the entrance was designed to ensure security, thus hard to get in. With all these features, Hospital Cave could give you the best experience that can never be found anywhere else.

Entrance fees: US $3.45 per person

Cruises that visit: Mon Cheri Cruise

9 Caves in Halong Bay Worth visiting 2020

An overview of the top 9 caves in Halong Bay

Best way to explore Cave in Halong Bay

If you are interested in one or more of the top 9 listed above, why not booking a trip to admire the one that you like. Especially, we highly recommend you take a Halong Bay cruise tour, as it is the best way to explore the caves. Instead of traveling by different transportations to get here, then, finding a hotel to stay in, you can book a Halong Bay cruise to thoroughly enjoy your vacation. Also, traveling on a cruise could give you a chance to explore more places and take part in more activities, which is included in the cost. Such great convenience! Usually, there are two options for you.

Halong bay cave tour

A Halong Bay cave tour on the cruise

Halong Bay day cruise

The Halong Bay day cruise is particularly suitable for those who don’t have much time on their vacation but still want to visit the highlights of the World Heritage. During a day on the Halong cruise tour, you will be taken to many outstanding places around the bay including a wide range of worth visiting caves such as Sung Sot, Luon Cave, etc, explore the stunning scenery of each one, and take part in kayaking, swimming, climbing, etc. Besides, a Halong Bay day tour would only cost you about $100 for a full-day trip.

Please go to Halong Bay day cruises for detailed information.

Halong Bay overnight cruise

If you want to visit more places and experience more about the tourism services, Halong Bay overnight cruise will be the best idea. Due to a longer time, the cruise would take you to more caves in and outside the Ha Long area. You can also take part in activities in a more comfortable way and especially, experience the professional on-cruise services, well-prepared cuisine, which would make your trip a far more enjoyable one.

Local tips when visiting Halong Bay Caves

  • Should NOT visit caves in summer weekend, it is too crowded with Vietnamese & Chinese tourists.
  • Some caves are very crowded in the afternoon like Sung Sot, Thien Cung, and Dau Go because both cruises & overnights cruises visit them. So a morning tour is recommended.
  • Some of them are suitable for young and promising health travelers because you have to climb relatively high: Sung Sot (100 steps up), Trung Trang, Hospital, Thien Cung.

Visit caves in Halong Bay are must-do activities you should not miss when traveling to this destination. I hope our articles provide you useful information to choose the best cave & tour to visit on your next trip.

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Halong Bay Cruise – Enjoy Halong Bay Cruise and Day, Night Tour in Halong at Competitive rates. Discover unforgettable amazing beauty of Halong Bay.

Halong Bay Cruise - Enjoy Halong Bay Cruise and Day, Night Tour in Halong at Competitive rates. Discover unforgettable amazing beauty of Halong Bay.

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