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Famous islets in Halong bay

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Ha Long bay was naturally formed by geological movement million years ago. As a result, many islets in this area were formed with many shapes, different characteristics and own name.

trong mai islet - Halong bay Cruise

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Trong Mai islet (The Kissing Cocks islet)

It is a famous islet on Halong Bay. It has become a symbol of Halong Bay and also Vietnam’s tourism. Trong Mai Islet is located at the southwestern Halong Bay, about 5 kilometers from Bai Chay tourist wharf. The islet is about 10 meters high above the sea level. It has the shape of a cock couple rising from the blue sea. These two huge cocks have stood by the other for thousands of years. As the story told by the locals, Trong Mai Islet represents for faithfulness of love. The islet is most beautiful at dawn, when the sun sheds the first shine of a day and light up the cock couple. Especially, when looking from behind, the islet actually looks like a laughing fish.

hon lu huong Islet - Halong Bay

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Dinh Huong islet (The Incense Burner islet)

It’s located in the southwest of Dau Go Island (about 6 kilometers from Bai Chay Tourist Wharf, Halong), so it’s mean that it’s location near the Kissing Cocks islet. Dinh Huong Islet comprises only one huge stone. When the tide is low, tourists can see its four pins underneath. The islet is in the shape of an incense burner in the middle of the sea. In the majestic setting of sea and islands, Dinh Huong Islet seems like a holy symbol dedicated to national heroes who died to protect the country.

Dinh Huong Islet is an outstanding site of Halong bay that draws the attraction of several tourists coming to Halong. Nowadays, it’s easy to find the image of Dinh Huong Islet on the 200.000 VND bill.

mat quy islet - Halong Bay

Mat Quy Islet (Monster Head Islet)

It is situated in the territory of Bai Tu Long Bay, near Am Islet (Kettle Islet). Mat Quy Islet is about 30-35 meters above the sea level. It’s considered as a sculptural masterpiece of the Creator in the vast expanse of water. Looking from a far, it’s easy to imagine the islet is a fossilized head of a monster. The monster head has a big nose on a distorted face.

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This horrible islet is interested by tourists visiting Halong bay. Some local inhabitants believe that the islet is head of the monster which was killed by Kim Quy (the Golden Turtoise) as its criminal against man. You’ll be very surprised when see it at a close distance.

dau nguoi islet - Halong Bay

Dau Nguoi Islet (Human Head shaped islet)

Dau Nguoi islet is situated in the south of the island range of Bo Hon, Halong Bay, about 13 kilometers far from Bai Chay Tourist Wharf. It lies near Luon Grotto, Sung Sot Island and Ti Top Island which is about 25 meters high. The islet is famous for its special shape of a man’s head. From a far position, it looks like the head of a Greek with a big hawkish nose and pointed chin above the water surface. Some thought that it’s like a statue of the Egyptian Sphinx.

The most ideal time to gaze the islet is at the sunset. By kayaking or from the cruise, tourists will see fantastic scenery of Dau Nguoi Islet in red sunshine of late afternoon.

Besides those islets, Halong bay also has many many others with different shapes, different names like Swan islet, Stone dog islet, Toad islet, Saddle Islet, Three Peaches Islet and so on. Let’s travel Halong bay in this time and have time to visit all of them.

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Halong Bay Cruise – Enjoy Halong Bay Cruise and Day, Night Tour in Halong at Competitive rates. Discover unforgettable amazing beauty of Halong Bay.

Halong Bay Cruise - Enjoy Halong Bay Cruise and Day, Night Tour in Halong at Competitive rates. Discover unforgettable amazing beauty of Halong Bay.

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