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How should I sleep after a Breast Augmentation?


What happens during sleep?

A good sleeping pattern is an important part of anyone’s routine; we need sleep to be able to function physically and mentally and the hours we spend tucked up in bed, allow the mind and body to recharge and recuperate. The average person sleeps for around 7-9 hrs a day, but some people are able to function on much less sleep.

Creating a night time routine is key in helping you wind down after a long day, incorporating things into your routine like skincare, having a bath or reading a book before bed, help you to relax and have a good nights sleep.

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Not only does sleep help us to feel re-energised, it is also vital for our body’s repair and recovery. Following surgery, it is important to rest and take it easy for a couple of weeks to allow your body and any wounds to heal. Rushing to return to normal activities such as exercise, may be detrimental to your final result and further prolong the healing process. Sleep deprivation after surgery can potentially have a negative effect on post-operative recovery, therefore getting enough sleep is key in supporting a resistant immune system and will aid you in your recovery.

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A good nights sleep can:

  • Increase energy levels
  • Improve mood
  • Increase productivity
  • Improve concentration
  • Boost your immune system
  • Prevent weight gain

Why should I sleep upright following my breast enlargement?

MYA recommend that you sleep on your back at a 45-degree angle and slightly propped upright following a breast enlargement or any other cosmetic surgery procedure for a minimum of 2 weeks. This position will help to reduce any post-operative swelling, pressure or discomfort and encourages breast symmetry. Sleeping propped upright following your surgery also helps to prevent you from rolling on to your side in the night and resting on your new nose or breasts.

It’s not easy to sleep well in a new position and it might take a little while to get used to it, we advise purchasing a V-Pillow to provide additional support to the back and neck and help you get a comfortable night’s sleep.

How long do I have to sleep upright for?

Patients should sleep propped upright for a minimum of 2 weeks following their cosmetic surgery procedure. We recommend practicing sleeping in this position prior to your surgery, to help you identify what you might need to help you sleep soundly on your back post-op.

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We suggest ordering a V-pillow, using a small pillow to pop under your lower back for support, and using extra pillows to stop you rolling on to your side in the night. If you have any questions about sleeping upright, talk to your MYA Nurse at your clinical hub appointment or click here to read our top tips for sleeping upright!

When can I sleep on my side?

MYA state that it is not advisable to lay on your front or side for a minimum of 6 weeks post-surgery to ensure the best possible result. Patients should consult their MYA clinical team for advice before returning to normal sleeping habits.

My boobs hurt when I sleep

Following breast surgery, it is normal for your breasts to feel tender, any discomfort and swelling should subside after 7-21 days. Ensure you keep on top of any pain relief prescribed, sleep propped upright with extra pillows for support and avoid sleeping on your side as this can apply pressure to the breasts.

What is a V-Pillow?

A V-pillow is commonly known as a pregnancy pillow, that wraps around the back and body to aid a more comfortable nights sleep. You can find V-pillows online and in store and they typically cost between £10-£20. See below for some links to where you can buy them online.

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  • Dunelm – Fogarty V-Shaped Orthopaedic Firm-Support Pillow – £12 – Click here
  • Amazon – big selection with costs ranging from £6.99 to £26.99 – Click here
  • M&S – Super Soft Teddy Fleece V Shaped Pillow – £19.50 – Click here

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